Solar Blanket Reels

Our HydroTools™ Solar Reel/Roller range offers the choice of stationary or mobile models with fixed or adjustable height. These durable solar blanket rollers are suitable for pools up to 7m wide and 20m in length.

Pool Reel

Solar Blanket Reel Products

HRST Solar Blanket Pool Reel

HRST & HRFM Endurance Reels


  • Suits pools up to 6.1m wide
  • Fixed 395mm height from base to tube
  • Adjustable tube lengths
HRJT Solar Blanket Reel

HRJT & HRJM Endurance Reels


  • Suits pools up to 6.1m wide
  • Extra 150mm adjustable leg height for placing on uneven pool surrounds
  • Adjustable tube lengths
HRX Solar Blanket Reel

HRX Advanced Reel

A portable reel that you simply lift from the bracket and roll to store away.

  • Suits pools up to 6.1m wide
  • Adjustable tube lengths

Solar blanket reels(rollers) from our HydroTools™ Endurance Range have a 5 Year Pro-rata Warranty, and our HydroTools™ Advanced Range have a 3 Year Pro-rata Warranty.

Solar Blanket Reel Cover